AdSense and italian taxation

Tryin’ to figure out how it works in Italy… since I got this space and i didn’t dislike money I was wondering if AdSense is a “clean and easy” to raise a few bucks.

According to this article (in italian) it’s a mess: I mean that I should open a “job position” for italian taxing system… and make more complicated my tax form.

These are my 2 -very quick & short- cent so far… more update in the future.

Large eBook reader: PocketBook Pro 912 vs Onyx Book M92

Here we go again…

A few week with my brand new Sony PRS-T1 and I need to buy another one.

My little 6″ screen isn’t bad and the overall reading experience using this device is quite good… for novels. Another story for tech manuals with code examples.. for that use it is awful.

The main problem is the 6″ screen: too small. You have to pan between parts of pages and even in landscape mode is a pain. All the margin-croping function can’t soften this problem.

So I will keep this one for entertainment (or I’ll pass it to my wife) and I’ll buy a 9,7″ for job related guide readings… I recovered all my researches about ebook readers from previous weeks and changed my target.

There are a few of them around but ultimately I came up with these 2: PocketBook Pro 912 and Onyx Boox M92.

dimension comparison between onyx boox m92 (left and center) and pocketbook pro 912 (right)

As you can see Onyx put some more effort on design while pocketbook choose a bolder style.

After a bunch of compared features videos and a review (actually this comparison is with pocketbook 902) from baach I decided: Onyx Boox M92 will be my new ebook reader.

Bought today! They say 5 days to be delivered… we’ll see.


That’s a real deal!! You can fund directly the actual creator of… anything!! You may become a sort of micro-venture-capitalist talking directly to ideators.

As an example, I was looking into comics book writer/designer: you can fund them at various levels (giving from few bucks to 100 and more) gettin’ different “rewards” over the product itself.

Clever. Smart.

backup, backup… which one?

Natural predator of every computer user (win, mac, linux & the others) is… disk fail.

To preserve ours species we use backup systems. We have many of them. Some are robust, other clever and other sparkling… in most cases you need to install software and you have to configure which folder contains “important” stuff… and a few backup rules.

Here’s my personal trip into backup techs.

First I checked out TimeVault… sounded good… way to similiar to Apple’s TimeMachine but I checked it out eventually. It seems a good start but it’s quite… stuck. Latest package on launchpad is 0.7.5-1 and is described as “beta candidate”… a quick look at repository shows that last code update is from 2010 and on ubuntu is flagged as “unmaintained”.. probably a dead project.

Then I found FlyBack… sounded good too! On the official project home page it’s said that “there is no formal releases just whatever is in subversion”… could work for me: so I took a look at repo. This sources too are frozen to 2010. Gosh… another dead project? Actually it seems to be just frozen but in a stable version… so it should work fine. It seems to be developed usign python… I like that. I found this article (in italian) with a quick practical introduction to FlyBack usage.

Then I continued searching and I found someone using GIT as a backup system. Problem is that with binary data GIT it’s not the best.

Finally I came up with an hint about rsync and other similar cool programs ready to use in linux distro. After a few more time spent searching I found rSnapshot. As explained here the steps you have to take are:


Restore files is simple as copying them from repository to original destination.

Beginning Android development path

I’m starting to learnin’ about Android development.

….and I need a manual… a book… better if an ebook for my brand new PRS-T1. Not easy to pick one but eventually I choose a Wei-meng Lee manual: “Beginning Android 4 Application Development“. It seems to be one of the best (according to users review of I’ll let you know about it asap.

I found a simple guide in italian too: “Introduzione ad Android“.

Another important piece of my “learning puzzle” is the official android developers guide!!! It seems to be well done.

Then there are a couple of “everyone-can-develop-android-app-without-write-a-single-line-of-code” technique… I’m not completely sure about that but I really need to take a look into those two (livecode and appinventor).

A few other interesting readings:


eBook reader Sony PRS-T1

It’s here finally! My first ebook reader: Sony PRS-T1.

After a few weeks spent over blog, reviews and comparisons between any kind of ebook reader I came up with this model from Sony. This one seems to be the most versatile reader, even if other models got strong points on their side: for example Amazon’s Kindle has the power of a gigantic ebook store and you can buy books without even turn on you pc.

Sony PRS-T1 can connect -through wifi- to Google Books and a sort of generic ebook store front-end (not actually functioning in Italy).. but in Italy the first give a very small choice of titles and the 2nd one isn’t available at all. So i’ll need to use my pc (and probably Calibre) to put ebooks on it.

Maybe, eventually, I’ll share my impressions on this tree-saver device.