eBook reader Sony PRS-T1

It’s here finally! My first ebook reader: Sony PRS-T1.

After a few weeks spent over blog, reviews and comparisons between any kind of ebook reader I came up with this model from Sony. This one seems to be the most versatile reader, even if other models got strong points on their side: for example Amazon’s Kindle has the power of a gigantic ebook store and you can buy books without even turn on you pc.

Sony PRS-T1 can connect -through wifi- to Google Books and a sort of generic ebook store front-end (not actually functioning in Italy).. but in Italy the first give a very small choice of titles and the 2nd one isn’t available at all. So i’ll need to use my pc (and probably Calibre) to put ebooks on it.

Maybe, eventually, I’ll share my impressions on this tree-saver device.