Beginning Android development path

I’m starting to learnin’ about Android development.

….and I need a manual… a book… better if an ebook for my brand new PRS-T1. Not easy to pick one but eventually I choose a Wei-meng Lee manual: “Beginning Android 4 Application Development“. It seems to be one of the best (according to users review of I’ll let you know about it asap.

I found a simple guide in italian too: “Introduzione ad Android“.

Another important piece of my “learning puzzle” is the official android developers guide!!! It seems to be well done.

Then there are a couple of “everyone-can-develop-android-app-without-write-a-single-line-of-code” technique… I’m not completely sure about that but I really need to take a look into those two (livecode and appinventor).

A few other interesting readings: