Large eBook reader: PocketBook Pro 912 vs Onyx Book M92

Here we go again…

A few week with my brand new Sony PRS-T1 and I need to buy another one.

My little 6″ screen isn’t bad and the overall reading experience using this device is quite good… for novels. Another story for tech manuals with code examples.. for that use it is awful.

The main problem is the 6″ screen: too small. You have to pan between parts of pages and even in landscape mode is a pain. All the margin-croping function can’t soften this problem.

So I will keep this one for entertainment (or I’ll pass it to my wife) and I’ll buy a 9,7″ for job related guide readings… I recovered all my researches about ebook readers from previous weeks and changed my target.

There are a few of them around but ultimately I came up with these 2: PocketBook Pro 912 and Onyx Boox M92.

dimension comparison between onyx boox m92 (left and center) and pocketbook pro 912 (right)

As you can see Onyx put some more effort on design while pocketbook choose a bolder style.

After a bunch of compared features videos and a review (actually this comparison is with pocketbook 902) from baach I decided: Onyx Boox M92 will be my new ebook reader.

Bought today! They say 5 days to be delivered… we’ll see.